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Alpha Getti's & Bullies

It was grade 2. I really enjoyed going to school, hanging out with my friends and learning new stuff. My teacher Mrs. Campbell, was great. She made learning fun and I think she kind of favored me. Then there was lunchtime – one of the best times of the day. My older brother and I would walk home together for lunch and my mom would oftentimes fix me my favorite lunchtime meal – cold Alpha Getti’s poured over 2 slices of bologna. It was the greatest dish a grade two kid could ask for! I would make my brother mad because my mom made him wait until I finished eating before heading back to school. Once back at school, the afternoons went by fast. We had gym, followed by recess, art class and then the 3:30pm bell. Time for home! For awhile it was also the time I had to watch my back.

For what seemed like an eternity, every once in a while 4 or 5 of the 8th graders would hang around about a block away from the school and pick on the little kids like me walking home. They’d push us into the grass, swear at us, throw a few chest punches until we cried, and threaten to kick the living you-know-what out of us. For my friends and I it was dreadful! Yes, if you’ve ever seen the movie “Christmas Story” with little Ralphy then you’ve watched my upbringing! I knew if I didn’t give them eye contact they would leave me alone which worked most of the time, but not this one particular day. I remember it so well. They decided that I was the chosen kid to pick on. As we walked closer they started calling my name, harassing me and calling me a sissy. Suddenly one of them gave me a push and I knew that for me it was over. I was about to die. But before the tears started to flow I remembered who was walking 10 steps behind me…my older brother! In an instant my brother took on the pack of 8th graders connecting fist to faces and in a moment sent those wannabe bullies crying home to their mommas – it was beautiful! I was proud. My life was spared. He even picked me up and gave me a piggy back home. From that day forward I wasn’t afraid. From that day forward the 8th graders left us alone. I had a newfound love and appreciation for my big brother but most of all a valuable lesson learned regarding life. 

A bully is far beyond just another one of life’s challenges. They are ambassadors from hell on a mission to incite fear and shut us down. That’s why they have to be dealt with. They defy logic and understanding and they won’t listen to reason. You can’t talk your way around a bully nor can you keep your head down forever hoping the bully will simply pass you by. You have to deal with a bully head on which means there’s only one way to shut him up. You have to throw punches. Like in my story, we all have a big brother Jesus who took on the chief of bullies by throwing him a killer punch, paving the way for us. It provided us a great win, however, some bullies in life never got that message so they need you to remind them. Bullies – like depression, low self esteem, sickness, addiction, fear and failures. They relentlessly badger until dealt with. To beat them you have to hit hard and head on. You have to believe that you’re stronger and that you won’t stop until you win. Bullies are just big babies wanting their way. Don’t give in. Don’t ever give in even if it seems like the odds aren’t in your favor. Teach a bully a lesson and he’ll remember it for a lifetime.

Psalms 37:23 (New Century Version)
When a person's steps follow the Lord, God is pleased with his ways. If he stumbles, he will not fall, because the Lord holds his hand. 

Pastor Shian

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