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Hotline Bling

A big thanks goes out this week to all my blog readers and supporters of Your Church +Portland! I think we’ve had one of our best summers as a church whether it was at our weekly gathering on Sunday nights, our house parties or the Friday night volleyball games! I have really enjoyed the friendship and fellowship that’s grown within the church this year, and the fact that we all get along really well (that’s a phenom in some churches!). God has blessed and sustained this young church. I’m thankful to be a part of what He is doing in the Northwest and so glad many of you are on board with me/us. As well I appreciate your prayer support and financial giving in keeping this message moving forward. 

Yesterday I was working with a cable customer who was explaining to me how her 87 year old mothers’ phone line with us has been offline for the past 10 days. She had tried various avenues within the company I work for to get some answers and bring resolve, but to no avail. Tech support isn’t part of my job, however I took the initiative to contact a couple of departments to fix the problem and set up a time for one of our techs to come out and fix her mother’s phone. The daughter had requested I send a technician within 3 days so that she could correlate her schedule to be present when the technician arrived. What surprised me was that regardless of how busy our company was, our support team jumped on it quickly by sending out a technician early this morning to her mother’s home. Why? Because they said that for an 87 year old woman the phone line is her only lifeline – and at all costs we need to make sure she has that lifeline. 

I feel like that’s the same way prayer should be for us. Having a direct line of communication with the Father is the only lifeline we really have. It’s what gives us strength. It’s our instruction, direction and sometimes our correction. It brings clarity, stamina, patience, endurance and peace. Prayer will arm you for battles you would have never won, and fights battles until they are done. It’s the very key to our success. Like the elderly woman, for whatever reason sometimes that communication line gets disabled and goes down on our end. If we’re not careful, life will be sure to keep us busy enough so as not to bother with getting it fixed. The longer we are without it, the harder it is for us to be reached. Eventually our stamina starts to drop. Discombobulated thoughts turn relentless. Questions overtake the answers. Impatience begins to rise, and giving up the fight appears as being our best resolve. That’s a good indication that we need our lifeline. 

If I had ever been forced to pray I know I wouldn’t be praying today. Prayer isn’t a rule nor is it a command. It’s our lifeline to having a healthy relationship with God the Father, and it’s our armor in the battle we fight to win every day. Success is ours for the taking. How we choose to succeed is up to us. I’m sticking with my lifeline. 

Luke 18:1 (New International Version)
Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. 

Have a great long weekend!
Pastor Shian

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