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Smiling Is My Favorite

Happy New Year everyone!

Hopefully you had an enjoyable Christmas and were able to wrap up 2016 with a smile. We definitely did. We were even able to fit in a little relaxation time which as we all know is something the holidays doesn’t always afford us. Get this. To boot, I even canceled church for two Sundays in a row! It’s a first for this senior pastor in 13 years and to be honest I actually loved every minute of it! (FINE PRINT: Yes, I still have the vision and no, I’m not backslidden). I’m so thankful for those times when we are all forced, so to speak, to shut down for awhile. It does the soul good!    

So are you ready for a new year? I talk about enjoying the past year and about being able to end it with a smile which, indeed was true, but it no way does it mean the year was void of challenges and disappointments. There were some tough days and we had some really sad ones. Looking back I should have just stayed in bed for some of them and probably would have been better off had I done so. You know the feeling. Yet through it all, I can honestly tell you that it was a great year and a phenomenal first year of marriage. I could go on forever baby! (sorry…holiday movie quote) But seriously, are you ready for a new year? It’s a heart question I’m asking. Sure we could easily write this off as another year, month, week and another day of our lives if we choose to but there’s something about simply starting new. We all need ‘new’. I’m not talking about new stuff but about times in our lives for starting new. The Bible talks about ‘new’ about 150-175 times depending on which translation you read. I guess you could say that ‘new’ is important to God. Well it is. It gives the hardened sinner a chance to repent and start living life. It even water baptizes a believer as a sign to others of beginning new. Even God Himself said that He makes all things new. All things. So I ask you the question, ‘Are you ready for a new year’? You need a fresh start. It’s not about trying to sell yourself on a resolution but rather your heart sticking to a resolve. It’s a resolve that says, ‘I get a new start’. Maybe you said that before. Maybe you tried that before. Maybe you tried that last year. But that was last year and last year is over. Here’s an interesting fact. Did you know that you can drastically adjust a ship's final destination by turning its rudder just ten degrees? It’s crazy because ten degrees would hardly rock the ship, yet it’s enough to make a drastic monumental change. Starting does not need to be monumental. It only needs to begin at ten degrees. What could you start for yourself this year if you knew it wouldn’t fail?  

It’s a great year to smile. Smiling is my favorite!
Pastor Shian

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