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My Angel Got Fired

Adventurous as my wife and I are, we decided that on our first day of sightseeing here on the Big Island we would start the week off by visiting the lava fields at Volcano Park. With special thanks to a not-so-intelligent park ranger we were told it was possible for us to watch 4000 degree magma flow into the ocean at sunset if we were willing to take a ‘fun’ hike to get close enough to it.  We thought it sounded like the perfect adventure so we drove down the mountain as far as the road would take us, grabbed a couple of water bottles and began our journey to the lava stream. Our first three and half miles was on mostly flat gravel road surrounded my thousands of acres of lava rock. The scenery was quite impressive but a little scary when you think of how much power a volcano has in changing the entire landscape. Upon reaching the end of the road we approached a rope line that stretched for 2 miles. A rope line that meandered through the lava rock. On the left side of the rope was the safe zone. The right side represented the not so safe zone. The melted shoe zone from lava flowing too close to the surface. How exhilarating! We were finally in our own real adventure with danger all around.

Neither of us had ever walked on lava rock before much less hiked across it. I didn’t consider there would be ten foot drops. I didn’t consider having to jump two foot crevices billowing with hot gas.  And we had no idea that 2 miles would turn into 2 hours. Exhausted as we were we made it to the sight of the flow surrounded by one hundred Nikon toting photographers. Photographers who apparently followed a county road on the other side of the lava field to get there. Nonetheless the lava flow was pretty cool to watch even though it was at least a mile away.  We took a few pics as the sun set and then rested on a rock. Unfortunately, we were faced with the grueling hike back to our car. In the dark. Pitch black darkness with only the built in flashlight of a cell phone.

There was nothing fun about this hike. About a mile and a half into our return it began to rain. Lava rock becomes a lot like ice when that happens. Needless to say, within minutes I slipped and fell about five feet. I couldn’t see where I was falling so I did my best to brace myself which turned out to be entirely futile. When I came to a stop I had pain from head to toe. When Andria shined the light on me I realized I was also bleeding from head to toe. That little slip granted me 96 lacerations and made for a lot of blood. Andria helped nurse my wounds and we took a moment to regain our composure. We eventually made it through that lava field and back to our car. Completely dehydrated. Thoroughly exhausted. Especially thankful.

It was 2am by the time we made it home. As we began to fall asleep an angel appeared at the foot of my bed. He was as tall as the ceiling and just stood there. The look on his face was pleasant. Pleasantly watching over me. I wasn’t shocked or afraid. I smiled and softly said, ‘thank you!’ I had always heard we had two angels but I figured the other one probably got fired for not bearing me up since I truly ‘dashed my foot against a stone’! With all that said, we really were protected. We asked the Lord for strength that night when we couldn’t go on and we felt His power, His grace, sustain us. There was a lot to be thankful for. Our love for each other, no broken bones and no concussion.

Psalm 149:4
For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the humble with salvation. 

There is not one part of our welfare uncared for by Him. He watches over us 24/7. He supplies and defends us 24/7. He loves to do that. He takes great pleasure in doing that. He’s in the business of saving the humble – and He’s really good at it.

Off to our next adventure! Aloha!
Pastor Shian

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