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Wave Jumping 101

Earlier this year my wife and I celebrated our much anticipated honeymoon by taking a two week trip to Hawaii. We spent a week on the big island and a week on the island of Oahu. Our time in ‘paradise’ was amazing and full of adventure. We made sure we had an equal amount of sightseeing days and beach bum days. If you kept up on my blogs all year than you may remember earlier I wrote about my crazy mishap while in the volcano fields along with the night I got to see my angel for the first time. Never a dull moment in my life! Before getting to Hawaii if there was something I had anticipated more than anything it was to be on the beach and to hang out in the warm ocean. If you haven’t guessed by now, Andria and I are total beach lovers. We live just over an hour from some of the best beaches Oregon has to offer so as you can imagine, every chance we get we are at the coast. So while in Hawaii we mapped out a day of driving both islands in search for the best beaches. It was a blast! If you’ve ever been there, you’ll know you can find everything from black sand beaches, green sand beaches, coarse sand, soft sand and beach sand as smooth as butter. Alongside it you’ll find ocean water every shade of blue imaginable. Believe me, every bit of it was glorious. That is, until I got in it.  

Believe it or not, I don’t go to the ocean to swim. I’m not a good enough swimmer for that. The reason I get in the ocean is to jump the waves. If you’ve never been wave jumping than you’re missing out! The idea is that you get in the water about waist deep and then jump each wave as it rolls in. It’s a bit of a rush and it makes our beach days a lot of fun. In Hawaii what was going to make wave jumping even better was the fact the water was 30 degrees warmer than Oregon. So with all this anticipation Andria and I got into the crystal clear Hawaiian waters until we were waist deep. In less than 30 seconds my excitement turned to mild horror as the first Aloha wave quickly approached barreling a solid 3 feet over my head. As my brain goes I instantly considered 3 good facts.

1.       Shian has never jumped a barrel wave before

2.       Shian has never jumped a wave higher than his head before

3.       Shian is definitely going to eat this

My brain was right on all 3 counts. As the first wave hit, I held my breath and attempted the jump but it was too late. I can remember seeing the sunlight suddenly disappear as this massive wall of water forcefully rolled over my body filling every God given hole with probably a thousand gallons of liquid sand. Yup, I ate it. I emerged and with a gasp of air was introduced to Aloha wave 2, which struck with vengeance. Yup, I ate it again. Now disoriented and feeling the oceans’ pull, I managed to get my footing and did what any sane person would do. I bee-lined for my towel. I could hear my darling wife, wave jumper extraordinaire, laughing/asking if I was okay. But this jumper was done. The ocean kicked my butt. 

Over the next few days Andria helped me out with my wave jumping technique. She explained the difference between eating the wave and riding it. It was not just a matter of timing but a willingness to let go of my footing.  When I jumped waves I always expected my feet to return to the ocean floor when I landed. Riding these waves meant I had to give up the security of the ocean floor long enough to get over and above that wave. It sounds simple enough but in reality it takes some skill. It also makes for an interesting life concept. 

If we don’t want to eat the bigger than life wave then we have to learn how to get on top of it. Change never comes in the form we want it to. By fearing the wave we gravitate towards old patterns which will inevitably bury us. The key is to get on top of the wave. Refuse to jump and you’ll eat it. Bigger than life waves demand such a leap of faith. One where we grab our ankles and kiss our old footing goodbye. Scary at first? You bet. But being on top of those waves sure beats being underneath them! 

Hebrews 13:20 (Good News Translation)
May the God of peace provide you with every good thing you need in order to do his will, and may he, through Jesus Christ, do in us what pleases him. 

Pastor Shian

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