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Mastering The Drive Thru

According to my wife I have ‘line-rage’ issues. What is that you ask? It’s sort of like road rage except it comes upon you and overtakes you when sitting in drive-thru lines. It’s not as though I physically harm anyone, I just find myself getting seriously annoyed and borderline irate at people while waiting in line at a drive-thru. I’ve started wondering if I should publish a book on drive-thru etiquette so I can help people with it. For instance, why we can’t all be bumper to bumper like an assembly line while waiting for that taco? Just think of how much more efficient that would be. Gone would be those who like to leave an entire car length between themselves and the car in front of them. Gone would be those who insist on looking at their phones when no one is in front of them. Get the picture? I think it would be a wonderful time saver for everyone! Okay so all humor aside, you and I both know the real issue here has more to do with a character trait called patience – or my lack of it. 

James 1:4-5 (NKJV)
4 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. 

The word perfect in this verse refers to a completion in mental and moral character. In other words, exercising patience is one of the keys in establishing our character. It’s like being able to visualize a targeted goal and then exercising the right amount of fight, fortitude and restraint in order to reach that goal regardless of the time it takes. Patience is like the glue that helps us hang in there which keeps us from falling apart and giving up early. I believe it’s a necessary building block especially when we’re faced with the long haul, be it the job or when we’re believing to see a desired end. 

So for fun let’s use me in the drive-thru as an example. If I set my focus entirely on the goal of getting that taco, patience then allows me to hang in there until I reach the window. But if I change my focus to how many people are waiting in front of me, I then become consumed with a goal of urgency and determined on getting everyone out of my way. With focusing on the latter, I end up annoyed, frustrated and wanting to give up. In so doing I almost lose out on the very reason I was there in the first place! A simple illustration, yes. But how often have we lost sight of a goal or dream all because we didn’t exercise a little more patience? How much more would we enjoy the journey if we would just give patience the chance to complete its work? Character building is a full time job in and of itself but God’s Word promises some great dividends for those of us willing to do it. Perfect. Complete. Lacking nothing. 

That sounds like a win for us all doesn’t it? 
Pastor Shian

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