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Pabuk + Chicken = Phenomenal!

Happy October everyone!

We survived the deluge of rain from the remnants of typhoon Pabuk this past weekend – helping us understand how the Oregon Ducks got their name. Hillsboro received around 5.7” of rain for September…4.5” of it fell over the weekend. That was some crazy rainfall! It was like a Texas gully-washer every hour…phenomenal! I think we had more rain in 2 days than I had seen in over 10 years in Borger. But even greater than the rain, was the first service on Saturday – we not only hit the goal but exceeded it – a total of 12 of us! It was really exciting to see everyone join together. We ate barbecued chicken on a skewer – it was my first to bbq in a downpour – complete with all the fixins, along with chocolate dipped fruit and truffles…delish! We were planning this to be an outdoor event, but it worked just as good indoors. We spent time getting to know each other and then we talked about church – specifically what they would want in a church – that sparked some great conversation. It’s amazing what God is doing in people’s lives and how He can connect people with the same heart. By the end of the evening it felt like we had all known each other for quite some time and that there was a mutual understanding for each other. Being at this stage in our lives, walking out the will of God for our lives like this is not only really, really fun…it’s incredible.

On the homefront, big congrats goes out to Dillon for having landed a job with Starbucks! For all those who thought I was already addicted to Starbucks, ba,ba,ba,baby you ain’t seen nothing yet. Cassie has been filling in for the handbell choir at school and is enjoying making new friends and living life as a senior student. Amy is adjusting well to living here and as for me, I’m on the move making connections and putting the logistics together for starting a church.

For all those who still consider themselves dreamers like me, be a Joseph and don’t let anyone steal your dream. You can learn a lot through life and through circumstances; you can learn from friends, from enemies, from success and from failure, from doors that God opens and doors He shuts – but just remember, He doesn’t use any of that to lead us. He leads us by His voice. And the great thing about that, is that sheep like us hear that voice, know that voice, and best of all, know how to follow that voice! So dear sheep, let’s keep that dream alive. If He said it than no matter what life and everything else is saying back to us, just keep saying what He said and dream forward!

Pastor Shian

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