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When Sheep Quit Sheeping

The more I live here the more I love it here! It’s great to be in the place God has called you to be and the place you want to be. I was reading in John 8 about knowing the Truth and a whole different perspective has come to light. Jesus said you shall ‘know the Truth’ – in other words a revelation, or experiential knowledge, or a you’ll just get it - of Truth.  What truth? The truth of who Christ is in me. In other words, Christ will make Himself known to me…and the result is that I’ll know me. The more I know Him, the more I figure me out. The more I figure me out, the less complicated my life is! And then here’s the great part – “…and the Truth shall set you free”. When I know me, it will set me free! There’s a real freedom in knowing ourselves. Think about that. Who are some of the happiest, fun loving people you can think of? People who are getting to do what they love and just being themselves! For us saved folks, shouldn’t this be a part of our ‘Life more abundantly’ package? The fact that Jesus is super excited that you’re actually having fun being yourself! (Anybody feel the rules and control issues screaming for clarification & more accurate spiritual context?) Ha,ha,ha…I feel a great weekend coming on!

We’re heading to Seattle on Friday to spend time hanging out with Andria & of course visiting the Pike Place market! Dillon will be running the fortress.

A big Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians eh!
Pastor Shian

PS – no sheep were harmed in this blog

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