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Portland is changing me. We arrived here two months ago ready to do the will of God. Knowing that God has called us here for a divine purpose. Thrilled, humbled and honored, of course, to be living out His great adventure for our lives. Knowing that God is about to do something great through us. But I look back over the past 8 weeks and realize I’m already not the same - in a good way. Is it because I’m in Portland? Is it because of the beautiful scenery? The fact there’s no state taxes? The food carts? Or is it because I’m starting a church from scratch? Maybe it’s all of these. Maybe it's none of these. But I’m seeing things differently and it’s changing my perspective. I didn’t come with a huge preconceived notion like I was going to build this mega-church, write a million dollar best seller and the whole world was going to know how to pronounce my name right. I didn’t. I do have expectations, but that’s not what has changed. What’s changed in me…is me. (This is my blog so if that doesn’t make sense chalk it up for my Swaybia roots!)

Let me explain. Before I left Texas I had a Holy Ghost nudge to download a hit song from years back from a well known Canadian musician. The song is called, ‘Complicated.’ Almost everyone on this side of the globe knows the song, except me. I hold dearly to my Petra collection and anything else with a good 80’s rock & roll sound played to Christian lyrics! So when I got the overwhelming ‘nudge’ in my car that day, having no desire to pay the $1.29 to iTunes for an Avril Lavigne hit, I remembered Peter on the rooftop with the whole ‘what I call kosher is kosher’ experience. So I obeyed the strange prompting and downloaded it. I got to the first verse and immediately hated the fact that this 17 year old girl (at the time she produced it) writes a secular song that hits this preacher right between the eyes! Here’s the verse:

Chill out, what ya yelling for
Lay back, it’s all been done before,
And if, you could only let it be, you will see,
I like you the way you are, when we’re driving in your car
And you’re talking to me one on one, but you’ve become
Somebody else…

What most people don’t know is that me and Jesus got a good thing going when driving in my car! (Thanks Avril! I know you made at least one million off of it, but I think you wrote it for me.) Complicated. That was my word for the day a few months back as it is now. The more I get to know Portland, the more I’m being changed. It’s like this; Jesus just isn’t complicated, so why should I be anything different? So whatever you may be facing that seems complicated, take a deep breath and un-complicate it. :)

Pastor Shian

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