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Figuring It Out

It’s been an interesting past few days for Your Church +Portland. I began my last blog with, “Portland is changing me” and now I’m already enjoying the benefits of change. Did I say enjoying? It’s like the revival days of the 90’s where we all cried out, “God change us!” Well, I for one definitely meant it but when the change came, it didn’t come in the form I expected it! Over the past 10 years of being a pastor, I graduated from the heart cry of ‘God change me’ to sounding something more like the prayer from the men’s lodge off of the old Canadian comedy “Red Green Show.’ It went something like this – “I’m a man…I can change…if I have to…I guess!” (yah, I still think that’s phenomenal) After walking with the Lord and having my fair share of ‘downs’ compared to ‘ups’, I have come to realize I honestly don’t believe the Lord is interested in changing us or fixing us. I think that mentality causes us to see Him from a works perspective – that we’ve got to work right for us to be truly used by Him. I think He’s more interested in seeing His love shine through us and in order for that to happen, His love has to shine upon us. Meaning we have to let Him love us. Not a love so we can change, a love so we can see. So is Portland really changing me or is this love? It’s love and it’s Portland!

I am reminded of a classic line in one of my all time fave movies, ‘Bourne Identity.’ Frustrated with amnesia, Jason Bourne explains to the woman he’s with that he just has to figure all of it out. Her response to him? “Then figure it out!”  

Welcome to my world.
Pastor Shian

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