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Pizza Schmizza Preacha

Happy weekend everyone! Fall has hit the air in Portland and you can definitely notice it as our mornings are becoming crisp. I looked at the weather forecasts for much of America and – as much as I love winter – I’m glad we’re not in South Dakota today! An expected 5-8” of snow there. No thanks! I’m not sure if it’s more of a shock that they are having that much snow this early, or the fact the Weather Channel gave the snow storm a name! (Sorry…these are just some of the garbley-gook weather thoughts that go around in my brain)

We had a great time last night at Pizza Schmizza partying with our Canadian contingency – better known as my wife’s brother and his family! It was really great to see them, to see the house that God literally opened to them, and to see the looks on their kids’ faces to actually be in a new home and new city. Their home, which is located in the more established Portland district, literally has a creek coming up out of the ground alongside the house and flows into their backyard! As you stand on their deck it sounds like some sort of New Age mood music with the 40 foot trees rustling, birds chirping and water flowing. Even though I am really happy for them and all their stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and hardwood floors…as any good Christian would I felt this wave of righteous indignation come over me. Wait…no I think that was jealousy. So that’s when I knew it was time to suppress those feelings and take them all out to eat for some extra large pizzas from the Schmizza!

I’m grateful that there are still people, like us, who would be willing to leave family, friends, jobs and homeland for the sake of the gospel! It’s a definite setup to receive that 100 fold return Jesus spoke of, but I think today there are so few willing to actually step out there and forsake all. I always thought that my family and I forsook all when we left Canada to come to Borger, Texas, but it’s nothing like this move. Ten years ago when we made that move we left our home church in Canada to pastor a church in Texas. In actuality we still went from something to something, but go from something to what appears to be nothing? That takes faith, trust, willingness, guts or it’s just sheer stupidity…or maybe all of it! Hey, I’m not necessarily advocating leaving all, but I can tell you this – when you trust God to know He’s moving you in that direction then it’s the best decision you’ll have made in a long time. Needing some joy in your life? Jump out of your boat! :)

Pastor Shian

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