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I like it when a perspective changes. It’s freedom or it can become that in time. Look at the disciples following Jesus. He rattled their cages being known as a Rabbi, the Son of God, and Israel’s prophesied Savior to go from town to town without fanfare and force, showing mankind the love of the Father by healing their sick, eating out at sinners houses, stuffing the knowledge of the known scholars…and to top it off, dying the death of a thief! Jesus definitely torqued their minds and brought a perspective of the Father and Kingdom of God nobody saw coming…nobody! But for those who embraced the new perspective, they embraced true freedom. History records that not all of the Pharisees had a problem with Jesus – most just had a problem with his methods. They liked the fact they could debate Him and it challenged the best of them to know their stuff. They just hated the way Jesus went about it. If He would have run all those ideas and thoughts through the hierarchy of the day they could have helped Jesus with His ministry! The Sanhedrin would have been able to promote Jesus from town to town and given full endorsement to Him; but it didn’t go down that way did it? Jesus basically said, “I’ve got a job to do. Like it or lump it, I came to seek and save those which are lost.” Great plan if you’re part of the ‘lost’ group – but not for those who saw themselves found.

So to the found, His entire plan looked lost. Foolish before it ever looked wise. Lacking before it looked fulfilled. Worthless before it was worth anything. Ashes before seeing anything beautiful. A total failure before looking like a win. Interesting isn’t it? If you want a ‘win’, you find it in the loss.  God liked this method so much he made it a fundamental, monumental, structural truth to His Kingdom. If you want the win, you’re win perspective has to die.

I think Christians have become somewhat masters at pretending to die, or dying for the benefit of the win – but in God’s Kingdom being a fake won’t make it. You have to throw your hands up in the air, scream ‘fail’, and accept the pain of the loss…and then comes the win. Warning: it’s messy and you may even need to cuss. But when perspective changes, and it will change, you walk into a new level of free. You become raw, real and organic. It’s like being born again.

Pastor Shian

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