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Thanksgiving is upon us and the kick off to Christmas shopping is about to begin…not to mention, the time to put up the Christmas décor! If I had a season that was my fave, this is it. I like pretty much all there is about this season…starting with being thankful. In my first year of Bible school I was given a Bible marker from an evangelist that taught in one of the classes; a Canadian evangelist by the name of Don Gossett. The Bible marker listed verses with a list of things to be thankful for each day...a heart that beats right, eyes that see, hands that work, ears that hear….you get the idea. At first I thought the whole thing was sort of hokey…but it was weird enough for this then-18-year-old to try! Well after 2 weeks my hands didn’t work any faster and I know my mom will attest to the fact that I didn’t hear any better…but what did happen was a perspective change. I was becoming appreciative for the little things in life and pretty much everything in life.  My thinking was changing and I was discovering a better way to live.

I’ve always liked the saying, ‘take time to smell the coffee’ and have been known to use it in a sermon or two. (I know there’s other sayings but I prefer ones that deal with coffee.) Not only does it imply taking the time to enjoy the little things, but it speaks of appreciating those little things – or having a thankful heart. Ironically, it’s something the apostle Paul said people would be lacking in the last days - forgetting to be thankful. What’s crazy is that it’s really easy to just say a ‘thank you’, but if we don’t make a point of noticing the small things every day and being thankful for them, we’ll forget to be thankful for the big things. Some of which we have each and every day of our life!

Not only will you see life better, but it will pave the way for getting straight to God’s heart. “With thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God…”

Thanks for reading my blog – and a special thanks to all those who know my heart!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Pastor Shian

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