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Christmas Concert Recap

Special thanks to everyone who helped make the Christmas concert an amazing event! There was well over 100 people Who gathered to hear four amazing bands play Christmas songs throughout the evening all done in a barn on the southside of Hillsboro. Following the last band, the MC for the evening introduced Myself and Garrett as two guys not in their 20s who came all this way to start a church. And then the MC turned the mic over to me to tell about the vision God gave me in starting your church +Portland. Garrett followed up with details on how anyone could get involved with helping, and then everyone in the barn prayed over us! We were touched at their overwhelming response to not only pray for us but be willing to help in some way! Our team made some great connections that night, drank alot of hot chocolate to keep warm, and even sang the national anthem to an electric guitar solo...which of course had nothing to do with Christmas! (It's what you expect from college students) Once again God has definitely set us up for the big! 

We were blessed this past week to have with us Danny and Leslie Escalante from Borger, Texas. They were a blessing to us and were able to see firsthand some of what it takes to be part of a church at the ground level. I was proud of them for being willing to drink coffee every day like true Portlanders! They'll be missed not only by us, but also by the baristas at Starbucks who knew Danny by name! 

Have a blessed week. We covet your prayers!
Pastor Shian

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