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Well…I handed over the keys to Realife Church this week! It was goodbye to 10 years of long hours of blood, sweat and tears of investing into the lives of people! I know we have some great rewards ahead of us – so one just has to keep the focus forward! Big shout outs to all the preachers and people who’ve said goodbye to years of investing into someone – it’s a feeling that people don’t really understand unless you’ve walked that road! On a lighter note – I’m officially unemployed! Amy was gracious with not minding me moving my office into our media/work-out room (that’s our classy name for our spare bedroom with a 13” tv and a rebounder in it). I offered her a secretarial position but she declined – go figure! We are confident that God has our back in this whole endeavor, and it’s great living life trusting Him for our every supply – but I still think that having a steady paycheck was nice too!

I’m heading to the Post Office shortly to put our first mailer out – it’s a great postcard and my pic rocks!  (yes I’m needing affirmation right now) I changed out the brakes on my car this morning for the big road trip next week and by this afternoon I’ll be employed again with LifeHouse Fellowship out of Midland Texas. Special thanks to Pastor Jeremy and Tonya Sutton for giving me a job as their American Missionary! I’m originally from Canada, live in Texas and I love eating Mexican food. That qualifies…right??! A big Happy Father’s Day to all!

 - Pastor K

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