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Pack Like Mad Day

Well, the big week of several big weeks to come, is here! Today is pack-like-mad-day as we make our way via road trip to the big city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on Tuesday. It’s a two-day trip and when I say two days, I mean two full days of 16 & 12 hours on the road. We’re taking the scenic drive – heading up the I-25 through Colorado and Wyoming. It can really be a fun trip, until you lose cell phone reception while driving through 400 miles of short grass in Montana!

Big meeting later today in Amarillo with the largest church there, a visit to my wellness chiropractor so he can permanently fuse my back to my car seat, a trip to Super Walmart and a trip to Starbucks…did I mention Starbucks?! We leave Borger at 5am Tuesday…provided I actually wake up. Keep us in your prayers this week!! You ever wake up with the overwhelming feeling that God is up to some big things, like something big is about to burst open? I like those moments…it’s in those times that we all say, ‘Yes Lord, yes!’ Have a ‘God’ week! Love y’all.

- Pastor Shian


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