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The Great White North

Welcome to the Great White North eh! It’s been 4 years since my family and I have been up north – and things have changed in my hometown! Population has grown to a ¼ million…the city has expanded immeasurably, and there is this wet stuff that falls from the skies that they call rain! (for all my West Texas readers) This week we enjoyed some good family time with my wife’s family, celebrating her dad’s 70th birthday at a phenomenal steakhouse. The four kids shared personal stories/memories of their dad centered around the theme, ‘It’s a wonderful life.’ In keeping with the theme, I heard several angels getting their wings that night as the waiter ringed up my bill!

Friday night was the 31st and final graduation ceremony for Christian Centre Academy before they change the school name. I was honored to be the commencement speaker for the event. It may come as a shock to those who know me, but I actually kept my message to 21 minutes! We definitely enjoyed getting to see some familiar faces at the reception. Yesterday we spent the day with my side of the family at my mom’s house, and of course her food was incredible! I ministered this morning in the main service and we're spending the afternoon eating home cooked Fuddruckers burgers at the Johnson ranch. If we ain’t meeting, we’re eating!

Thank you to all who continue to support our family with your prayers, love, encouragement and finances! It’s humbling. We are a little more than a month away from the big move – and we’re so ready!

Love y’all
Pastor Shian


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