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Back Home!

Special thanks to our family and Christian Centre Ministries for blessing us richly this past week while in Saskatoon! As always we enjoyed our time there. I forgot about the mosquitoes up there being the size of small birds…until they draw a pint of blood from your body!

We arrived home today and hit the ground running. Amy and I have plotted out our calendar for the month of July – and it’s not without adventure! This weekend I am officiating the Williams/Moyer wedding in Denver and then it’s off to Portland to secure a place for us to live, and a Christian school for our daughter. I’m determined to eat one lunch from a roadside vendor/truck in downtown…I’ll know if Portland is a God connection if I can get a great hotdog! (yeah I know, I need to expand my taste buds a little!)

Keep us in your prayers this week! I need the possession date on my house (closing) to continue on track for the end of July; we need to find a suitable/affordable home to rent west of Portland; continue to declare our personal needs are met; and that doors of favor would open with the banks, landlord(s) and the people of Portland! Thank you for standing with us!

Love to all,
Pastor Shian


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