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4 Weeks Away!

We are another week closer to our desired goal of arriving in Portland – and our lives never cease to be interesting! We arrived home last Tuesday and while on the road, we received word we were accepted from the landlord at our Portland home! However, it was only a couple of hours later we also received word that the people buying our Borger home backed out of the sale! Another ride on the dramatic roller coaster! So the next day we put the For Sale sign back up in the yard, showed it 3 times by the evening, and Thursday morning wrote up another contract for full asking price. Yes, the family is pretty excited and very thankful to the Lord for His favor. Our time frame for heading to Portland is only delayed by another week – but I’m not complaining!

Amy’s brother and his wife, (Brien & Andrea) came down from Saskatoon and have been staying with us since Thursday evening. We’ve enjoyed the fun family time together, spending time with their kids, and not to mention 8 hours working on his air conditioning in 100 degree heat!

For church today we all drove to Tulia, Texas to Tulia Christian Fellowship to take in the second service where Rusty and Vicki Gray pastor. God’s been faithful to the Gray’s and has truly blessed their ministry. Following the service Pastor Rusty cooked us up some great steaks for us and his family and then took us on the official tour of their ministry buildings! It was encouraging to see the progress they’ve made and the blessing they are to their city. For all those wondering, Vicki Gray is Amy’s moms’ step sister...and I think I got that right!

Less than 4 weeks away from our move! Can’t wait!
Pastor Shian

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