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Goodbyes, Road Trips, and Weather

We said goodbye today to Brien and Andrea, Ashley and Emery Johnson as they make their trek back up north to their hometown, Saskatoon! We had a great time with them and we all enjoyed being around their kids! I went to my last TFAC (Trinity Fellowship) coaching group meeting today. I still think that they are a great bunch of guys – much thanks to Ricky Griffin and Michael Dyer for all their support and encouragement over the past year! I’m glad I made the decision to connect with them and for the friendships made with all the Trinity pastors.

I’m off to minister in Midland this weekend for Pastor Jeremy. God has truly blessed his ministry and his family! I love his heart. The longer I’m at it, I find there’s not too many genuine pastors like him.

For all my West Texas supporters…how about that weather?!! God has given us a taste of Portland these past 2 days – cloudy, rainy, humid, and highs of 80 degrees! Just not your average dog days of summer weather for Texas! We’re thanking God for the rain though – as it is much needed in these parts.

Keep it real,
Pastor Shian


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