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Portland It Is!

We arrived into the big city just after 5pm and got the first taste of what rush hour looks like in Portland! Ha, ha…couldn’t have timed it better. It gave Amy and I a great opportunity to take our time checking out the sights of this great city. On the drive in, we saw Mt. Rainier to the right, Mt. Hood to the left and Mt. St. Helens in the distance! We drove along the Columbia River watching parasailing, sailboats, and barges – it’s absolutely stunning! (Gee you think I lived in Borger too long?!)

We drove downtown tonight and stopped across from the University to grab dinner at Chipotle. Just watching the college students coming in and out of the restaurant and passing people by on the street doesn’t leave us feeling like strangers – it’s feeling like home! A lot of character in this city with a lot to discover!

This week we are spying out a Christian school for our daughter and house hunting for a place to rent in the Hillsboro/Beaverton area. We’re celebrating the 4th of July with Andria whose driving down from Seattle. I guess our hotel is right across the river from the fireworks – couldn’t have planned that better if I tried! Our trust is in God to help us make the right connections this week, and get us set up for our move next month. As Amy said, by the time we leave here (Sunday) we may have a hard time leaving!

Love to all,
Pastor Shian


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