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Packing, Packing, and More Packing

If I liked eggs I think I’d be putting them on my driveway today to watch them fry! Oh the dog-days of summer – 103 degrees!

Upon leaving Midland on Monday, I stopped in Plainview, TX to pick up Amy (who had been at a reunion in Austin) and went out for lunch with Grandma Siegler – Tracey’s step mom. (Is she then really our grandma? Probably not but she treats us like we’re all family so why not!) We had a great time together with her – even learned she was a former airline stewardess – go figure?! Guess I’m still learning something new every day!  We arrived home in the early evening after meeting up with Dillon and Cassie at Starbucks in Amarillo. Gotta make that stop when you can! Today I worked on replacing the front brakes for a single mom who attended our church here in Borger…and then spent the entire afternoon securing another moving truck! Never a dull day! This time our moving truck is locked in – a way better price – and a whole lot more work for me! (that means we have to be the ones to load it!) The truck is scheduled to arrive 2 weeks from today – can you believe it?

This Saturday marks my 10 year anniversary in Borger and it’s my mom’s 60th something birthday as well. Ten years ago this week we arrived here in Borger and unloaded all our furniture into our new home. Dillon was only 10, Cassie only 7. It’s been a great place for the kids to grow up and for the first few years, a great place to learn how to live life at a slower pace! I’m thankful to have been able to pastor here and learn how to love people in a greater way – but so thankful to God that He’s called us to Portland!

Off to start packing up the house – wahoo!
Pastor Shian

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