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Bible Roulette

I think every Christian has been subject to this more times than they are willing to admit!  It’s when you sit down to read your Bible and when you open it up – BANG! Right there, smack-dab in front of you is a verse that gets you right between the eyes! I’m talking in a good way. It’s the verse you needed to read, it’s what you needed to hear, and it’s like all of heaven has responded to your heart cry with the kind of response only heaven can deliver! Frankly, I love it. To me it’s like Jesus saying, "Hey…let Me tell you what I’m thinking!” I still enjoy targeting a certain chapter every time I read, but it seems like in most of my Christian life (which is most of my life!) my greatest times reading God’s Word involves what I like to call Bible roulette – and I thank God for it!   Today’s verse was Job 8:20-21…check it out.

Big day of packing yesterday! Special thanks to Teresa Gordoa for coming to the house all the way from Dumas and helping Amy pack up the kitchen! Special thanks to Pastor Dwight Kirksey & his wife Courtney from Celebration Family Church in Fritch! We ran into each other at Pizza Hut and not only did they cover our meal, but he shared his heart regarding what our friendship meant to him. Pastor Dwight was instrumental in my relationship with Trinity Fellowship – and befriended me at a time friends were few! He’s knocking it out of the park at CFC in Fritch Texas…love ya buddy!

Ministering for Pastor Erron in Wheeler this Sunday and then we’re off to Dry Gulch USA to hang out with Amy’s sister & family for a few days. From there we travel to Wichita Falls to say goodbye to more of Amy’s relatives. Thanks for staying up to date with my blog!

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