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The 2013 Goodbye Tour

Two days down and 3 days left! After preaching in Wheeler TX on Sunday, we enjoyed lunch with the Mercers and then off to a 5 hour drive to Dry Gulch for some family time with the Schmidts! They were in between a new set of campers coming in, so thankfully we were able to talk a little bit and say our goodbye’s.

We made a pitstop in Tulsa to see David and Neela Davis’ ‘God’ home – and it’s a beauty! From there we stopped for a drink with Dan & Melanie Hiatt – Dan graduated in the same class as Amy in Saskatoon and is now a successful businessman.

The rest of the week we are somewhere between Wichita Falls and Bowie Texas visiting relatives. I’m not sure if it’s a sign of getting older or just getting pickier…but a good bed means a lot more to me nowadays!

Check out the changes to the website! One week away to the big move.
Pastor Shian


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