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Putting the Pieces Together

We stand amazed at how God works, how only He can put things together, how He can make connections just happen and how important it is to simply trust Him! Our past 4 days here in Portland have been nothing short of phenomenal. We can’t say that we’ve really met a lot of people – but all the people we have met are helping define our assignment here! My quick synopsis of Portlanders is a people who are really kind and very welcoming – business men &  women, moms, dads, college students and then the true blue Portland few – you have to be here to experience that meaning!

We spent July 4th with Andria Sanchez who drove down from Seattle to enjoy some family time with Amy and I. We ate downtown at an Egyptian food stand – incredible food! Andria gave us the what not to eat in big city lecture, what not to say if you’re a Texan living in a liberal state lecture, and why buying coffee at Bikini’s Coffee is not the same as true Starbucks lecture! (ha!) We ended the night watching fireworks on the edge of the Columbia River overlooking Vancouver Washington – we had a great time celebrating the 4th!  

We had dinner tonight with Amy’s mom’s cousin and her husband. Some great people who understand Texans but love Portland! They were most gracious to us as we talked about everything from family to politics to life in Portland. They encouraged us and look forward to getting back together when we make the official move. That’s when you have to say, ‘only God can put things like that together’

We plan on starting our trek home Sunday. Thanks again for your prayer support and for all those who are financially sowing towards us! God’s richest!
Pastor Shian


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