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Back from Portland

Ok so, after being on the road for over 2 weeks, I’ve decided that even though I love road trips, I’m ready to stay put for awhile!

We arrived back in Borger last night around 11pm. Don’t ask me what time of day it is, because I don’t know if I’m functioning on Central Time, Mountain Time or Pacific Time since I’ve been living in all 3! Amy and I did have a great road trip home and received some great news while on the road. The landlord for the house that we’re interested in accepted our application! We officially take ‘possession’ (or whatever you would call it) on August 5th – which means we’ve got to wrap things up in Borger town pretty quick! We are so excited! Thank you for all the prayer support in helping push this one through – any way you slice it, it was pretty miraculous how it all worked out.

We met another great couple our last evening in Portland, who are native to Oregon but spent 4 years of their life in Midland, Texas attending Pastor Jeremy’s church (Lifehouse)! We went out to an ice cream hotspot in downtown Portland – phenomenal ice cream by the way! They brought their two children and his mom along and they shared some great stories about working for Jeremy – yes, we had some good laughs! We loved how genuine and real their hearts were. We’re looking forward to connecting with them when we get back next month.

I’ve got a couple of meetings this week, replacing the brakes on my daughter’s car, and then my wife’s brother and his family come for a visit! Brien and Andrea and their kids will be hanging out with us for a few days so we plan on showing them the sights of Borger – which should take about 10 minutes! We actually do have a few fun things planned – but we’re just excited to have them coming for a visit!

Keep Jesus #1 – and keep it real,
Pastor Shian

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