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Hollywood Week

I find myself thinking of the story of Peter walking on the water alot these past two days! Peter simply wanted to be where Jesus was. The other disciples might have thought Peter was doing it to escape the wind and waves, or because they knew he was just more outgoing and adventurous, or maybe because it was around 4am and Peter wasn’t thinking straight…but regardless of what they thought and how they saw him, it didn’t stop Peter – he simply wanted to be where Jesus was! I like that. There’s a big security in one’s soul when you know you need to step out of the boat and Jesus is saying, ‘come’. He doesn’t tell you how to walk on the waves, and He didn’t say you weren’t going to get wet in the process – He just says ‘come’. There’s strategy involved in the walk…but the most important part is keeping our eyes on Jesus!

Today is Sunday in LA! So far so good. (are you kidding me? This place rocks!) I’ve already figured out that we are coming down this way in the winter months when we need to see the sun. For all my car enthusiast friends, there are some sweet ‘rides’ around here. I’ve seen a host of cars from the 50’s-70’s, and then the latest Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and convertible Mercede’s…nice! Today we are checking out the boardwalk at the Santa Monica pier…20 minutes from our hotel. Dillon and Cassie went to a Methodist church this morning...they felt the need to join them. Sounds noble huh? They actually are stalking Abby from NCIS who attends church there! Ha ha ha. I guess that’s the church they used for filming Sister Act too.

We head up to Redding tomorrow, then the Oregon coast and then on to Portland to sign the papers on our new home! I really don’t want to unload that moving truck this week :)

Have a great week!
Pastor Shian


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