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Unpacking and Dog Attacking

Well it’s week one of new life living in Portland! The family and I are beginning to see the light of day through all our boxes…and boxes, and boxes of unpacking! You sometimes don’t realize how much you have until you downsize. We never consider ourselves hoarders or anything close to it – but over the years you just accumulate a lot of stuff! Pictures, containers, décor items…stuff that works in the former houses but doesn’t work in a house with a different floor plan! Enough said!

We met with Cassie’s principal yesterday at her new school – and it was a win! Cassie likes her new school, and they seem to really like her! She got to spend time with the volleyball team yesterday, watching them practice. The girls really want Cassie to join the team…but I think Cassie has basketball in mind for her senior year! With the help of the principal, we were able to rearrange her courses so she could take in a photography class – to which she was elated! School doesn’t get underway until the first week of September…gotta love it!

Dillon painted his bedroom this week, doing the cutting in and all! I was quite impressed. We only have to replace half of the bedroom carpet due to paint spills! (just kidding). As for Amy and I…well…did I mention anything about unpacking boxes? For all those wondering about our dogs…they have adjusted extremely well, especially 15 year old Missy. We figured this move would do her in, being half blind and deaf, but not in the least! She’s more happier now than Cassie’s dog, Mandy! As for Mandy – well she attacked the neighbors poodle yesterday…thanks Mandy! Great way to meet people though.

This week I am working on corporate business for our ministry and setting up shop at home. Currently my office is at Starbucks for wifi connection…and for my morning fix! Life is rough!

Love to all. As always, we appreciate and depend on your prayer support!
Pastor Shian


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