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Lattes, Launch Team, and Lumber

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that on our 2nd week anniversary of being in our new hometown, Starbucks officially releases the Pumpkin Spice Latte for the fall! Yes, of course I went there and picked one up this morning. I thought I heard angels singing when I paid at the window, and then once the coffee hit my palate I was flooded with thoughts of Thanksgiving and Christmas…but I soon returned to planet earth when the guy behind me started revving his engine. You can’t even enjoy a moment in the drive thru! To all those Starbucks PSL lovers out there – you know what I’m talking about.

Some great news these past few days for the church! We received confirmation last week that we are incorporated with the state of Oregon, and the announcement was made in Saskatoon that Garrett and Avril Johnson (and their family) will be joining us in a month! Now that’s phenomenal! Garrett and Avril have been youth directors for my father in law at Saskatoon Christian Centre for the past 10 years – and have done a great job. If there’s ever a couple who fit in to the life of a Portlander, it’s these two! I think they would rather be known as Hipsters and Hippies…sure…ok…sounds fair…since I’m more like an 80’s rocker without the mullet. (I prefer being compared to Jack Bauer…if anybody is wondering)

This week I’m buried under a mound of paperwork. I’ve got to get giving receipts processed, and move into step two with the IRS in getting our charitable status. I created my own makeshift office in my garage – check out the pic! Next week I’m on an airplane to Amarillo to connect with Pastor Jeremy in Midland and head out to Red River for a men’s retreat with Trinity Fellowship. Never a dull day!

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