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Final Weekend in Borger!

We spent all last week on the road doing our ‘goodbye tour’ with family members on Amy’s side. We are glad we took the time to do it as with some of them (like Amy’s 99 year old aunt) we may never see again! We returned home Friday night and spent Saturday packing like mad men. Our current packed house total is running about 35% done – yah – a little scary knowing the truck arrives in less than 3 days! With this move you can’t just throw stuff in the truck or backseat or in the back of the pickup like a bunch of rednecks! (that was our last move!) Everything either has to be boxed up or wrapped. Joyous! I really feel the urge to sit on the couch and watch television so I remind myself – this is a GOOD thing! However the later in the day it gets, the more I think of my life in 2 weeks – UNPACKING everything I’m packing! Yes, I’m officially complaining!

So for the upcoming schedule – Sunday morning it’s service in Panhandle TX at Trinity Panhandle with Pastor Larry Perkins! He’s a good friend and I wanted to check out his church. Sunday night it’s a goodbye party for us at Geneva Babitzke’s house (aka Mrs. B). Then Monday we pack, Tuesday we pack and the truck arrives; Wednesday we load the truck; Thursday the truck leaves for Portland and we sign off on our house! Friday we leave for Portland as a family, 3 cars and 2 dogs! This is REALITY folks…it’s not surreal anymore. God has been faithful to supply all our need along with encouraging us, strengthening us, gracing us and just loving on us like only He can!

Walking on the water is a lot more fun than rowing in a never ending storm – just saying!

Pastor Shian

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