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Homeward Bound

The day has finally arrived and we are homeward bound for Portland!

It has been an amazing 10 years here in Borger. We watched our kids grow up in the safe neighborhood of small city Texas, learned a lot in ministry, watched the church and school transform and made some eternal relationships that will affect our lives forever! For all those who stood by us over the years and believed in the vision and in us – thank you! Our lives have definitely been changed.

We successfully packed the truck Wednesday night. Special thanks to all the men who came out and gave of themselves in seeing the job through to completion! Of course we’re thankful as well to Mrs. B for providing the sandwiches and her famous Texas caviar – one last time. All our furniture (save some patio items) made it into the trailer with the help of Danny E who spent at least 7 hours in the hot trailer packing it 9 feet high and 28 feet long! Our trailer is officially enroute to Portland! A big thank you to Clint and Lisa Moyer for letting us crash at their home for 2 nights, for the fellowship and the meals! Thank you Pastor Frank and Teresa Gordoa in Dumas for taking Amy and I out on our anniversary and my birthday last night – nothing like a great Saltgrass meal!

We sign the closing papers on our Borger house at 10am Friday morning – and then we start our road trip to Portland! Our first night is in Arizona and then it’s on to sunny California for 2 days!

And to all of you -- thank you for following my blog, for all those who have been faithful to financially support us, and especially those who stand with us in prayer each week!

Love to all!
Pastor Shian

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