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Happy September!

Happy September everyone!

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in Portland and a great start to a new week! I get excited just thinking how God has orchestrated all of this – He’s so much bigger than we can imagine! Obviously I still do a lot of reflecting on my tenure in West Texas, mostly marveling at how God was preparing me for this moment. I like the fact that God never changes and the fact that He’s always working things out for our good. Men fail us. Plans fail. Hopes get dashed, and we all have what could have, should have, would have been – but our God continues to take what looks like a mess, and from the middle of it creates a miracle! I love Him for that. The family and I had a home service today and I read from Psalms 121 – He’s always got us, and even watches out for our soul. He’s the lover of our soul. Even I don’t love my soul all the time – but He gets a kick out of me, watching out for me…and probably laughs at more of my jokes than I know! (okay that might be stretching it a little!)

This afternoon we’re taking the Metro (train) from Hillsboro to Portland and stopping where we feel like stopping, and checking out the city wherever the train leads! For the Klassen family this week, Cassie starts school Tuesday; Dillon will continue his vigil of job hunting; Amy will be putting up pictures and going wind surfing; and as for me I’ll be flying back to Texas this Wednesday to attend the Trinity Fellowship Men’s Retreat in Red River. Following the retreat, I’ll be with Pastor Jeremy Sutton at Lifehouse in Midland before heading home.

Enjoy your Labor Day long weekend, preferably without labor!
Pastor Shian
PS – okay maybe Amy won’t be wind surfing :)

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