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Texas Adventures

Yesterday marked our one month anniversary of leaving Texas, setting up home in Portland! It’s been a little strange for me to be here in Texas just 30 days later, but knowing my return flight is in just two days really helps! I’ve had a great time with the Sutton family these past few days, and of course they’ve taken really good care of me, making sure I’m watered and fed. :) I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon having set up shop in their business offices, meeting his office staff and putting together all the details for a Board Meeting – a monstrous meeting at that! Their ministry has been blessed to be growing in size; adding a Daycare and now a Charter school this year.

Today I’ll be visiting the Charter school and the Daycare, meeting staff and checking out  the facility upgrades recently done. Tomorrow I’ll be getting things ready for my Thursday flight, studying, and then ministering in the evening. If you’re asking…yes I miss home…yes I miss my family! I’m working on adjusting back to the Central Time Zone…but I don’t think I’m succeeding. Everybody around here goes to bed before midnight while I’m still good to go until 2am! The kicker is when the morning comes…can’t a guy sleep in?! haha

I appreciate those of you who are signing up on the website to pray – the list is growing and that’s encouraging. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Pastor Shian

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