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Back at Home

It’s good to be back home this weekend. Portland is definitely home now. Descending over Mt. Hood on my way into Portland International last Thursday evening brought a smile to my face…knowing this is where I live, where the church will be, and where my family was eagerly anticipating my arrival! It was a warm welcome home to a warm city – Portland hit the high 90’s last week!

Today we checked out a church in Tigard, Oregon. The church has 3 campuses in the Portland area as well. It’s always good to see what other churches are doing, the facility, their culture, and what their mission statement is. We have come to find out that there are very few non-denominational, Spirit-filled churches of significant size in the greater Portland area. Church for most Portlanders equals denominationalism, legalism, and probably boredom. I’m not visiting churches to judge or critique any of them but rather show up as an observer…considering what it would be like if I was unsaved. It’s then you realize how much church-lingo we often use, and how we do things in a given service that the unfamiliar would be left feeling unfamiliar with!

This week is business forward for Your Church +Portland. We are also 2 weeks away from Garrett & Avril Johnson & family coming from Canada, and less than 2 weeks away from our first service. Momentum continues to build!

Pastor Shian

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