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Ahoy Donut Mateys!

The church is just 9 days away from our first official service! Our first one will take place at our home – and it’s also a barbeque with the infamous Shian Flay (Bobby’s protégé) on the big grill cooking up some kabobs. This week all the documents are about to be sent off for our 501c3 non-profit status, we officially opened the church’s’ Hillsboro location bank accounts, and my office got an upgrade. These are exciting days for our church and ministry.

On the homefront, Cassie is suffering for Jesus at the beach (school retreat), Dillon is awaiting the call from the bank regarding employment, Amy is joining a gym and I am trying to find a pirate costume so I can get a dozen free donuts from Krispy Kreme! I can already here the comments from the relatives on the fact that a pirate costume for me wouldn’t be necessary – but it stems from jealousy of my great looks. I know, I don’t need a dozen free donuts – but two things are in play here – number one they are FREE and number two, it’s KRISPY KREME!  I think I’m being a good steward of my time and money to get the donuts. As for my health…I’m sure they have Vegan donuts there. (If this is offensive to you, I apologize…I will treat you to a Krispy Kreme when you come see us!)

I’d like to thank the many who are signing up in supporting us weekly in prayer! It is making a difference. The Lord continues to lead me, opening doors that need to be opened, and shutting some doors I was considering pushing open. The Holy Ghost reminders I get each day are far better than my Outlook program on my laptop – He truly is my teacher and definitely my helper. 

Pastor Shian

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