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A Historic Week

It’s a big week for the Klassen family and a historic one. This coming Saturday we have our first service at our home! Not only am I ready for it, I’m as you would say, stoked! To be a part of what God is doing in the Northwest, to be called by God to put a new church into motion, and to know that God considers my family and I the right people to be here – is quite awesome and at the same time, humbling. There are days my soul goes back to wanting to put in 14 or 16 hour days like I did at my last pastorate – yes, believe it or not my last few months that was the norm – but I don’t have enough things to fill a 16 hour day! (and I don’t ever want to go back to those brutally long days either!) So to be putting an entire church together, inbred with my heart, my passion and my vision fueled by the Lord, is incredible. I’m barbequing chicken kabobs this Saturday – so you know the food will be knocking it out of the park!

We’ve been spending the past 2 Sunday’s visiting churches in the area. It’s good to see what they are doing, and to see other Christians drawn to the services. God is definitely on the move in Portland and the greater Portland area and these churches are making a difference in the communities. There’s a laid back feel to them & they are getting people saved and water baptized – which is awesome. Please keep us in your prayers this week – as you have been faithful to do!

The rains came in yesterday and the cooler weather – a great way to bring in the fall! Our leaves are changing color, the days are already shortening and the air is even a little crisp in the morning – but after living 10 years in the desert lands of West Texas, it’s a happy welcome! We are all so glad to be here in Oregon – right in the smack dab center of where God wants us to be!

Love to all,
Pastor Shian

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