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Atmospheric Crystallized Stratus Cumulonimbus ... Well, You Get the Idea

For all the weather nerds, and those who forecasted a life of rain for us – your wishes have come true! We woke up this morning to our temperature, wind, humidity and dew point uniting as one creating an atmospheric crystallized stratus cloud over much of Portland. (Yeah, for all the family members mocking me to no end it’s called FOG!) A whopping 41 degrees this morning – I would have to say that fall has arrived! Needless to say I put on my favorite Seattle hoodie and went for my morning walk and prayer time in the neighborhood. Even in the cool morning air, dense with fog, surrounded by beautiful trees and mountains in the distance, I can’t help but wonder why when I lived down south we all called Texas, ‘God’s Country’! Seriously? He lives in mostly desert where it’s hotter than h-e-double toothpick?! :) Let’s think about this for a minute. I’ve had no problems talking with God out here in beautiful Portland! Don’t get me wrong, I still think Texas is a great place, but you guys might want to rethink your fave phrase.

Big Saturday night happening this week as we have our first service! Our numbers are close to 10 – which is much happiness for us. The night will include a barbeque, hanging out, me sharing my heart regarding Your Church +Portland, and interacting. Andria is coming down from Tacoma to stay the weekend and bake her most fab chocolate truffles to top the night off. Hey, it’s not true fellowship if you didn’t gain 2-3 pounds…right?

I also had a phenomenal meeting this week with an evangelist native to Portland. We met for 90 minutes (Starbucks of course) and he put some rich deposits in my life and ministry regarding Portland. To have a complete stranger say regarding our church – “From just talking to you, you can totally do this” – is nice to hear! It was a definite God connection that I’ll probably write in more detail about in another blog.

Get ready for God to do something great!
Pastor Shian

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