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The Sweet Life (Minus the BMW)

It’s back to school week for us here in the Northwest! I dropped Cassie off this morning, following a run to Starbucks! We figured we’d be fully prepared for the Portland traffic so we left almost an hour before class started – to my surprise we got to the school in under 15 minutes! (Yes, that sets a record for the Klassen family!) So we sat in the parking lot and had a good dad/daughter talk about her senior year while sipping our lattes. She even let me walk her to the front door of the school – what a great kid! :) My mom texted me and told me my nephew Azariah started his first day of school in Saskatoon – that’s crazy! I think I’d rather be on this end of the school life as a parent than I would just starting…but regardless, it’s always a milestone for any parent. So welcome to the new season (Cory & Tiff) and congrats to Amy and I for it being the last year of paying tuition! (Oh yah, I’m congratulating myself) I figure to date I’ve spent well over $75,000 on Christian Education! It’s all been worth it. Hey for that amount I could have bought a 7 series BMW and homeschooled. Hmmm…. :)

It’s Red River retreat week for me so today I’m packing and doing my finances.  I’m looking forward in getting together with a few of my faithful supporters in Texas before heading to New Mexico. I’m believing for a great week while away. Today I’m putting the info together for our first church service later this month – that’s exciting! We continue to thank God for bringing us to Oregon, to a new season, a fresh start and a new life. New is good. Who am I kidding? This is awesome!

Pastor Shian

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