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Skin Grafts, Buffalo Wings & Such

Well today following our morning session here in Red River New Mexico (TFAC Men’s retreat), I journeyed out with Pastor Jeremy Sutton and his men on a 2 mile hike into the hills! Of course it was a last minute idea, so neither he nor I wore the proper shoes or clothing – since we just came out of a teaching session. All in all it was a low skill level hike but it was enough to wipe us out after. After climbing 300 feet we experienced a 40 foot drop at an 80% grade…that was just dandy! Who needs jeans or flesh on your hands as you’re falling? I was considering suing Pastor Jeremy for physical duress, but he was panting so hard from the hike I was afraid the news might kill him! Needless to say, we survived. Our Men’s retreat continues Saturday. We head to Midland on Sunday just in time to catch the Dallas Cowboys game in the evening.

This past Wednesday I had a great time together with my Borger family of supporters at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Amarillo! Isn’t it great to be loved and liked? We hung out for about 2 hours, laughing and enjoying each other’s fellowship. It was good to see everyone who was able to make it out as I know there were a few others who tried to make it but couldn’t. Big thanks to the Davis family for picking me up from the airport and carting me around that afternoon! All in all it has been a good week. On Tuesday, Amy and I met with a young lady in Portland interested in our church. She has a great spirit and we encouraged her to come check us out at our first service at the end of this month. As for my schedule, next week I’ll be in Midland until Wednesday, and then fly back home Thursday.

Thank you for your prayer support and for those who signed up to pray weekly for our ministry! These are new days, great days, and you are part of something God is doing that is extraordinary. Thank you!

Pastor Shian

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