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God Is for You

I was reading in the book of Romans and came across some questions Paul asks his readers:
Who can be against you?
How can God not freely give you all things?
Who can bring an accusation against you?
Who is it who is condemning you?
Who can separate you from Christ’s love?

The questions are preceded by this statement – ‘If God be for us…’ The ‘if’ in the statement is probably better translated as, ‘since’. So look at these questions with a ‘since’ God is for me. Doesn’t that help change perspective? It really doesn’t matter who is against us. People gather against us for all kinds of reasons, some of which we probably warrant ourselves. Saying God is for us doesn’t make us perfect or better than others, but it helps get our souls into thinking the way God wants us to think – getting our minds off of our opposition and onto our cheering section. Paul then asks, what is it that you are lacking today? Since God be for us, how can God not freely give you all things? So…how can He not? That means hang in there. He’s getting it to you. Do you have accusations made against you? Join the club! But since He’s for us, don’t worry about the accusations. Has someone condemned you, or are you condemning yourself? Maybe you are guilty, maybe you’re not. But since God is for you, then don’t beat yourself up, and don’t let others beat you up. Living in condemnation is toxic thinking that affects not just the thinking, but it attacks your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Forgive yourself and others…after all, God is for you. Lastly and most importantly, are you feeling separated from Christ’s love? Nothing can stop Him from loving you and getting His love to you. No matter how big the issues are, no matter what anyone says and no matter what you feel, with God’s love He not only helps you - but when God is in your DNA, you’re automatically made with an ability to overcome whatever may be trying to get you off course.  That’s called a love perspective – and I love it!

Two weeks away to launch and who would have thought we would be starting our church in a bar? Not us, but God did. It just makes me laugh. It definitely doesn’t look like we thought it was going to look, but when you see it as ‘since God is for us,’ then you know it’s something awesome in the making.

So, what is it that you can do since God is for you?
Pastor Shian

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