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Wazowski, You Didn't File Your Paperwork Last Night.

I remember the days when our son Dillon was born. We were happy as all get out and excited to finally be at that stage in life to have a baby in the home; where the back bedroom is converted from a store-our-dirty-laundry room to the nursery; we said goodbye to the 2 door vehicle and began the search for a dreaded minivan; and it was the time in life where we started going to bed at the same time old people did because sleeping all night was a commodity. But, I can tell you it was worth it. I enjoyed being a new dad, and enjoyed the whole journey of child training – yes, even changing diapers! It was a new ‘happy’ in our lives and for many days everything seemed to be just perfect – until Sunday came. Of course, Dillon loved bundling up and going on a good car ride, so he always enjoyed the drive to church. The problem came when we got into the church and approached the Nursery check-in to hand Dillon off to the workers. It seemed every Sunday without fail the same Nursery worker, an older lady, was waiting at the check in for all the little ones to be dropped off. Now I’m sure she was a sweet lady when she was at home eating chocolates in her recliner, but on Sunday morning she was…well…haunting. (Picture ‘Roz,’ the old lady behind the desk in the movie Monsters, Inc. saying, “Wazowski…you forgot to file your paperwork last night”)  

Well without fail, the old lady would stretch out her arms to take Dillon, and he would freak! He would literally kick and scream – and that was rare for him to respond to anyone like that. So you can imagine how this dad was handling it! I wanted my son back. I didn’t want to trust the old lady. It was my baby, and there was no other baby born on planet earth like mine. It was frightening, maddening and frustrating – and it wasn’t the way anyone wanted their child to respond when being entrusted to someone. But the fact was, the churches’ Nursery system was secure and the old lady, qualified. It was dad who had the issue and problem trusting. Have you ever been there?

The story is a lot like the birth of this church. I know what it takes to run a church. It’s my baby, and I also happen to know how to care for it; but if I want the church to develop normally, I have to let some other people hold the baby; and at times change it. There are little jobs that we do every Sunday that others can do. I don’t need certified greeters to greet, nor do I need to make sure people have gone through a membership class in order to set the tables! Sure it goes without saying that only ‘mom’ can feed the baby, so to speak, so there’s duties I won’t relinquish…but there’s a whole lot of other duties that I could entrust to our visitors. The key is to trust. (I know this may seem elementary to my much wiser readers, but hey it’s my firstborn and I happen to be a little protective.)

It makes one think about life and our routine doesn’t it? Is there something we could entrust to someone else to help lighten the load? Sometimes reaching out to others simply means we start with letting others help us – which involves us using a four letter word; ‘help’. I believe if we will let the rope of trust out a little and ask for help, we will always find it in time of need!

Pastor Shian

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