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Welcome Home Klassen Family, Welcome Home.

It’s Spring Break week for us here in the Northwest. Since there was no school for our daughter, and our son had a day off this week, I took the family and drove up to Mount Hood and crossed over to the other side of the Cascades, where sunshine is known to strike 300 days of the year. Mount Hood was pretty sweet. You basically can park your car just off the freeway and jump on the lift. We didn’t do it, as we weren’t really dressed for it since the temperature dropped 20 degrees the closer we got to the top. The view was incredible though and there is still a substantial amount of snow up there – but I guess that’s normal for a mountain that offers year around skiing. However, not today Zurg…I will don my skis at a more favorable date – like when I’m physically ready for rolling half way down the mountain!

When we finally drove around to the other side of Mount Hood the landscape changed considerably – so did the weather, but not quite what we thought. It wasn’t sunny at all; it was cool, windy and rainy. For all my weather friends, the clouds did change from cirrus to cumulus – but there was still showers. As for the landscape, the open fields of farmland and ranchland were quite dry amongst the short grass and tumbleweeds. If it wasn’t for the 55mph speed limit, I’d say I was back in West Texas, minus the heat. What was interesting was that the more we drove, the happier we were to call home exactly where we live; on the west side of the Cascades.

No, we haven’t lived here very long but I’m so thankful to God for where He’s got us – spiritually and geographically. I often think that it would have been incredible to have started off the church with big numbers – but we didn’t, and I’m quite thankful for that. Had we started big, we would have never met the great people of Coyote’s Bar & Grill. We would have never done church the way we ‘do’ church. Church in a bar wouldn’t work so great in the Bible Belt, but it works great here (and of course God knew that too). Moving to the Northwest fulfilled desires our kids had; was the exact location the Lord instructed Garrett & his family to move to; answered Andria’s prayers in having family close by; sparked families in Texas to move here; people to support us; but most of all it’s helping Amy and I see life, relationships and ministry afresh. We have gone through some rainy days – more than anticipated – but it’s caused an array of new flowers to bloom. I honestly don’t think this could have happened on the other side of any mountain. I’m thankful we’re home.

Pastor Shian

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