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God has been doing some great things through Your Church over the past 4 weeks! Since our official launch we have already had 17 people visit and check us out. I think that would serve as a great month for the majority of churches across America as it is for us! It’s definitely encouraging and rewarding, and serves as a reminder to keep pressing forward with the vision.

As for messages, I’ve been teaching the philosophy of Your Church +Portland. I use the term ‘philosophy’ to describe our concept, attitude or basic core belief behind the doctrine. It’s one that I’ve maintained for the past 10 years in my former pastorate and will continue to be the core belief behind this ministry. It’s simply, “God is a good God.” From His goodness came our redemption. From His goodness He leads us to repentance and from His goodness He desires for all men to prosper. When God anointed His Son, Jesus went about doing exactly what God is – good. Healing is good. Living life abundantly is good. Jesus is the Good Shepherd and every good and perfect gift comes from God. What my Bible reads is that in all of God’s sovereignty that’s one of those things He can’t change – and won’t.  (James 1:17)

So when I see God with that philosophy then I can boldly say, "If God be for me, who can be against me?" We then can no longer be of those who give up, back up, let up or shut up – we become those who God somehow always enables to triumph. We rise above when the odds showed we should be beneath. We get back up when life screams, "Stay down." In the face of incredible circumstances we utter words like, “I can do this.” Knowing it’s Christ Himself who willingly gives us the strength to finish every step in the journey. That’s our God…and He is good.

Pastor Shian

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