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Jalapeño Business

I was reading a portion of scripture in my Bible yesterday that really stood out to me, regarding Jesus teaching the people…followed by a decision to cross the lake. It says Jesus got into a boat and his disciples followed Him. It was the line about His disciples following Him that I took note of. I know it’s no biggie, but when Jesus decided to cross the lake his disciples…simply…followed. So Jesus gets in the boat, tells the boys where to row to and nods off to sleep. No sooner than Jesus conks out, a huge storm hits the boat and the boat starts to sink. As the story goes, the disciples tell Jesus to wake up, in hopes He can help them; Jesus gets up and gives a strong reprimand to the wind and waves; the wind and waves obey His voice - and Jesus gets serious with his disciples regarding how little faith they really have.

I believe the reason Jesus got on their case was simple – you’re not going to drown when you follow Jesus. However, you may be in for one heck of a ride! Not to mention, have you noticed that in the middle of a storm the silence from Heaven can be deafening?! Hello? Does anyone up there see what’s happening down here?! In the chance your cry for help actually ‘wakes Jesus up’ you will find He’s the same today as He was yesterday – you’re going to get a strong reprimand about your faith! That’s because Heaven cares more about God’s Word coming to pass than you do.

According to God’s perspective, you’re not drowning. Your boat might be taking on more water than you can bail, but you haven’t drowned, and your boat hasn’t sunk. I know this may sound like a whacky way of seeing things but It’s neither that nor a play on words – it’s the perspective Jesus wants you to hold as children of God. You may have thought that at the time of saying yes to the Lord’s instruction it all seemed relatively easy, but from day one it was a BIG DEAL in Heaven. When you say yes to the Lord it means Heaven gets ‘all up in your business’ – or as we would say in Texas, ‘Jalapeño business!’ The moment you believe, your faith latches hold of Heaven and sees something your natural eye cannot. At that point you visualize the other side of the lake and you start rowing in that direction - regardless of weather. If the boat takes on water, stop rowing and start bailing, steady your soul, stand up and give the storm a strong reprimand, and remind yourself whose you are and where you’re going! Let Heaven stay silent – you got this! Before you know it the waves calm down, the sun always breaks through, and the shore is closer than you thought!

The Your Church website continues to have almost 600 viewers for the month of February, with over 340 first timers! So thanks for checking us out. Another mailer goes out to the Hillsboro homes today and as one of the waitresses at the bar & grill said, "You guys are still the buzz around here!" We just keep our oars in the water and we head in the direction we’ve been told.

We hope to see you Sunday!
Pastor Shian

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