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Easter in an Eggshell

Easter is a pretty cool time of year. It’s sort of the official beginning of spring. Lots of spring colors out, flowers are in full bloom (for most), families are out buying Sunday Easter dresses and there’s somewhat of a religious overtone happening in the community – sort of like Christmas. I still haven’t quite figured out how the whole Easter bunny thing fits in, but since it’s the only time of year you can get Cadbury mini eggs I’ll refrain from slamming the bunny. Besides, I’ve never been one to believe that a bunny or the eggs will replace the incredible story of Easter.

The story is compelling and forever intriguing. God sent His Son Jesus to the earth, to save us. When Jesus was questioned, He told people His purpose – to destroy the works of the devil – meaning putting an end to how the devil was wrecking people’s lives. Some of those ‘works’ was sickness; so He healed people. Some of those works was untimely death; so He brought them back to life. Some of those works falsely represented God; so He taught people all about who God really is and how to act like Him. Some of those works were hiding in those who wore religious garments; so Jesus exposed them for who they really were. That’s my kind of guy!

At another time Jesus mentioned His purpose was to seek and save those which are lost. In other words He went looking for people who couldn’t find their way through life.  He called them sheep without a shepherd. So He offered them a way out, called Life; life as God has it. Not just God doing stuff for them, but a whole new way of living from the roots up. Jesus was so committed to offering life that He told them of His other purpose; which was to die – and He did just that. He went so far as to allow one of His buddies to sell Him out. He was tried in the courts as a criminal, with no solid case against Him. He was unjustly beaten and tortured for crimes never committed.  Then they hung Him on a cross to die with two others…criminals. He willingly did it. Jesus said that in a moment He could ask God for help and it would be an instant bloodbath for the Romans and the haters. Instead He wanted to die that way because in the end it wasn’t His crime He was paying, it was ours. Two days later God raises Jesus from the dead, sticking it to death, Hell and the grave.

You see, no matter how great it may look, everything the devil sells eventually equals death; death to relationships, freedom, health, happiness and life. Basically, our lives suck when we buy what the devil sells. The problem with us is that we always seem to gravitate towards wanting to buy it. Here’s where Jesus comes in. He gave up His life to buy what the devil was selling, and the result was pain, torture and it cost Jesus everything. But when Jesus died on that cross, He was free.  When He came out of that grave, He was alive. He pulled a fast one over the devil, and beat him at his own game. Now anybody who wants out of a life that sucks, a life that is kicking your butt and killing you on the inside, can get free and come alive. All you have to do is ask.

That’s Easter in an eggshell.

Pastor Shian

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