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The Dream


I’ve been thinking this past week about dreams. Not the kind you have during the night but rather the plans, vision and ambitions we all have placed in our heart. I don’t know about everyone else, but for me my dreams have been my fuel that wakes me up in the mornings, keeps my head centered, and helps me push through all the stuff that life brings. I remember when our daughter Cassie was born, a month preemie, and was quickly declared jaundice. Instead of getting to take her home within 24 hours we spent about 10 days in the hospital – and the bulk of that time she was in an incubator. Those were some tough days. I would spend hours praying over her little body. On day 5 while I was standing over her in infant ICU, one of the nurses walked over to me and said, “We call her Sassy Cassie because she has a lot of fight in her. The human body instinctively fights for the will to live. She’ll be out of here soon dad!” Thank God for doctors and nurses who encourage. I’ll never forget that moment. Somehow that nurse amazingly identified something about Cassie that anyone who knows her has also come to learn. But the part I want to focus on is the profound statement she made when it comes to the part about the human body instinctively fighting for the will to live.

In Jeremiah 1:4, God tells Jeremiah that at the moment of his conception, God ‘knew’ Jeremiah better than anyone and put a dream in his heart. A dream that separated him from the rest. I think if Jeremiah was born premature and jaundice, then baby J would also have fought instinctively to live – but not just because that’s what the body does – but because of the dream God put in Jeremiah’s heart. When God says that at conception He separated us from everyone else and placed in us an incredible dream, then I believe our body and soul does everything it can to see that dream come to pass. It’s the dream that gives us the will to live, a desire to fight and the purpose to go on; much like it did for a young man by the name of Joseph in the Bible. Without going into too much detail, at the young age of 17, God helped Joseph begin discovering his dream by giving him a couple of night dreams showing Joe just a snapshot of what life would be like one day. It revolutionized his life. He immediately shared the dreams with the family, and that didn’t go so well for him…probably because both dreams led the family to believe that they would all be bowing down to Joseph one day.

Joseph caught on to a truth that started his life in motion; the only way for the dream put in your heart to become reality will mean you have to first accept it; it has to be owned. You have to call the dream yours, even if it looks impossible. If we could create the dream ourselves, it wouldn’t be much of a dream would it? I think sometimes that’s the tough part about having a dream. Yes we talk about it, yes we make motion towards it, but on the other hand we can’t make it happen ourselves. We don’t know all the details of the dream, and we don’t know how the dream will come about. So we walk through life making choices and decisions in light of the dream placed inside of us. Sometimes are choices aren’t the greatest and sometimes we make dumb decisions, but it doesn’t stop the dream. This ‘tough part’ is called the journey. We can either hate the process involved in this journey, or we can learn to enjoy it. Think of the tough journey some great people have had…people like the Apostle Paul, Christopher Columbus or Abe Lincoln. I believe that the bigger the dream, the more incredible the journey. Look at Joseph’s journey – he was hated, almost murdered, sold into slavery, falsely accused, imprisoned, and the list went on. How on earth did Joseph wake up each morning and face his day, especially when he was in jail? How did Abe Lincoln make it to President after failing at least a dozen times? The dream. Remember the nurse? The dream God put in your heart causes your spirit, soul and body to instinctively fight to see it come to pass.

Spend some time to find out what makes you tick, and what is locked deep within – then make motion towards it. Don’t judge the journey. Enjoy the journey, and judge the product. It’s possible you might begin enjoying your life!

Pastor Shian

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