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The Aliens Have Landed


I’ve been taking the time to do a lot of reflecting lately, especially as I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of living here in Oregon. It’s almost hard to believe that this August is one year. In my reflecting, I’ve been looking back at my Microsoft Office calendar as to what I was doing a year ago and remembering how excited I was…and how crazy it was. A lot of things happen in a year. What life was like for those ten years in Texas has changed dramatically as to what life is like now. Recently a pastor friend of mine from Texas put it best; “Y’all moved to another planet!”

As I was one year ago, I’m more excited now than I was in Texas as I enjoy life on my new planet. (Bear with me on this ‘new planet’ rant.) Now I could tell you the terrain of my planet, but for those who aren’t co-existing here with us, I will refrain from the terrain details to help you avoid coveting. As for these alien beings, they are definitely strange. They talk with humans, laugh, love and listen to us. They like driving cars that protect the environment, ride public transit, walk & ride bicycles. They really enjoy their recreation, their sports, families and caring for the less fortunate. Many of the aliens even admit to knowing the Almighty God. If they don’t know Him, they willingly admit that too. I’ve also discovered that most of the aliens have broken lives….many of them seriously broken. It’s funny but the aliens don’t really care to attend church clubhouse meetings. They do care to know if us humans care…and that’s when things get amazing. When you care for an alien, they actually start caring for you – and are willing to care for the things you care about.

Now that I think about it, this isn’t just happening on my planet. America is being overtaken with aliens!  If that isn’t a scary thought than think about this. If all these aliens think like the ones here in Oregon, than the Church of America’s humans could have an epidemic of massive proportion on their hands. (yes this is intentionally sounding like something from an old Carman video). The only way for the Church of America’s Humans to counter set such an alien invasion would be to……

A lot has changed in the past 2000 years since Jesus walked the earth, but not people. God sent His Son because He cared for people. Jesus healed, because He cared for people. He even taught His disciples to be as physician’s for people. The Apostle Paul spoke of the immense burdens he bore and the beatings he suffered – all because of his care for people. Now I think about the past 2000 years. From then to now, ordinary men and women who caught a glimpse of God’s love responded with this incredible passion and care for mankind – some who even sacrificed their life as a martyr. Is it possible that this is what people still need?

I often feel like young David going out to confront his enemy Goliath, while standing mesmerized at how so much of the church would rather hide in fear behind their pew. In those moments, I ask one question; “Is there someone who will care?”

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