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Merry New Year


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Since I haven't written a blog in so long I figured I better let you know that I am still alive and all is well, and I wanted to finally get my Merry wishes out. This has been a year like none other! We serve a God who makes all things new, and for this year, that has definitely been my story. For starters I finally figured out the way to do church freely and lightly and as a result Your Church has grown and is strengthening. I'm learning how to effortlessly walk in Gods favor in my bi-vocational job and as a result my sales and customer service has brought me to the forefront of recognition in the company's regional division. But most of all and with a little push from my kids, my eyes were opened to God having brought me the greatest most beautiful woman in the world who has given me a new joy, new happiness and what has become a new life! I'm happy to announce that Andria and I 'tied the knot' just before Christmas making this the greatest Christmas ever!

As we move into 2016, let's remember why we do what we do. It's so easy to look at our circumstances and problems and become more consumed with our present shortcomings and failures that we lose sight of a bigger picture. What is worse is that we begin losing hope and slowly start letting go of the dreams God placed in our heart. Life has a tendency of getting us to put all our focus on what we do, and even sometimes put all our focus on what we don't do in so much that we end up becoming more results or 'works' driven than purpose driven. When our focus becomes the job or works, we end up driving down a long and windy road full of anxiety, stress and hopelessness. When we stay on that road too long we eventually forget the very heart behind what we do. We forget the 'why', which is the most important part of who we are.

There's a bigger picture to your life today. You may not always feel like it, but it's there. It's made up of who you really are, what you secretly love to do and always involves touching the lives of others. It was placed there by your Heavenly Father. It's contains your dream. It's your why. Life and all its trials cannot steal that. No person can steal that. It's handcrafted for you. Remembering your why is what will make 2016 your best year yet!

Here's to you!
Pastor Shian 

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