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Beat the Sneaker Waves


A big happy September everyone! It’s hard to believe we are so close to the fall season already. I’m sure for all the kids back in school or heading back to school they feel the same! Fall is great, but if there is a season I enjoy it would have to be summer. Summer is great because of the days being longer and there being more outdoor options of things to do. For me, this past summer was probably one of my greatest. We had some fun church parties with the team, I played a lot more tennis, enjoyed several walks on the beach jumping ocean waves (it’s a rush), and spending time with the kids and family. I even expanded my horticultural talents by planting a Hydrangea in a bucket on my balcony. I’m happy to say the gifts of the Spirit were in full operation as I managed to resurrect it twice from death and transform it from the healthy luscious blue flower it once was into a brown scraggly weed.

This past weekend I spent the day at Cannon Beach enjoying one of my favorite past times – watching the sneaker waves come in. The winds were extremely high for it being late summer, which made for some 13 foot waves and some incredibly powerful sneaker waves on shore. If you’re unfamiliar with oceanic sneaker waves, the name pretty much describes it all. When you least expect it, a crashing wave suddenly chooses to bypass tide level transforming itself into a massive wave train washing 100 to 200 feet ashore! It can be fatal if a beachgoer’s back is turned to the ocean and they are too close to the tide line. However if one is far enough inland away from the danger of being swept back in then watching what happens next is incredibly entertaining! When the unsuspecting sneaker wave continues its way inland, some people take off running towards land like they are running for their lives. Others who are caught by the wave start laughing or screaming. Then there is the unprepared. It never fails that each year you get to see someone who, whether they see it coming or not, meet the wave with unexpected shock and fall over. There’s something about watching a grown adult fall over in a foot of water! Before you judge me for laughing, don’t forget I spent the last 10 years of my life watching cactus grow in the desert of West Texas. 

Sneaker waves remind me of what happens when every now and then - a crazy lying thought creeps up on us. Just like the sneaker wave, if you play too close to the edge of listening to words or thoughts that have nothing to do with who you are or where you are going, the end result can be fatal. Many a soul has been swept into the merciless ocean of self defeat. If you’re going to beat the sneaker waves of lying thoughts then you can’t turn your back to them for a second. Fearful thoughts can be paralyzing, but there’s nothing that will bury you quicker than to believe a lie about yourself.  Unfortunately there are those who play way too close to the ocean of lying thoughts, living a life of self defeat. I imagine it comes from hearing it so much all of your life that you believe it or maybe it’s because you honestly don’t know what God thinks about you. What makes these types of thoughts ‘lying thoughts’ is the fact that neither God nor His Word says anything remotely close to that thought. Therefore the thought cannot be from Him. Lying thoughts are crafted for nothing more than to knock you off of your feet with the hopes of pulling you back with it into that ocean of self defeat. It might sound incredibly simple, but instead of letting the wave knock you off your feet meet the wave head on by arming yourself with the right attitude, the standard of truth about who you really are, and how your situation is really going to turn out. When the wave recedes you’ll find your resolve stronger along with a Heavenly reassurance that God really is for us, not against us. 

Isaiah 59:19 (NKJV)
"When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him."

Pastor Shian

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