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Happy 2015


I decided to make this year my best, a year of starting fresh. I’ve never been one to write a bunch of resolutions because I know myself too well – I will break them. But to me, starting fresh is different than making a promise to change myself.  It means I’m taking on the perspective that things in my life are new.
I started with Christmas, by dropping some old traditions and creating some new ones. I told myself that if I didn’t like the new traditions then I would create some newer ones next Christmas. The result? Christmas was pretty awesome…not to mention, really fun! In it all I discovered you have to let yourself have fun and enjoy every new moment…and that takes having the right attitude. 

I learned years ago in youth ministry that no matter how great and fun an idea I had for a youth night, there would always be at least four or five teenagers who didn’t like it. I called them my party crashers. Back in the day, my youth parties were the hit and it gave bored teens something fun to do on a Friday night. Attending my parties had become the peer pressure in which everybody came – including the party crashers.
The party crashers came later than everyone else, stood off on the sidelines as much as they could and often mocked me or the other teenagers who were having fun. If we let them be, they would eventually wear down the rest of the young people and put a damper on the evening. So my team and I were always prepared to help our party crashers by finding ways to get them involved and isolate them from the other crashers. Most times we were fairly successful, but it made for a tough night for the staff and I.  What made it a difficult night for us was in trying to change their attitude. 

No matter how great the resolution, you’re biggest struggle will always be in keeping your attitude positive; keeping a healthy perspective. There are days when I am working in my door to door sales job that I take a brief time out in the car in order to readjust my sales approach.
During those time outs, I remind myself what I know, why I’m doing this job and telling myself that I am getting closer to my next sale. But when the rain is pouring and the temperature is 5 degrees above freezing only a positive attitude keeps me going and gets me to that next sale.
So it is with everything. Whether you’re a teenager being made to go to the next church social or you’re setting a fresh New Year’s resolution, having a healthy perspective coupled with a willingness to get outside our comfort zone is what gets us closer to our goals.  

Making this my new year means I get out of some comfort zones and I do some new things – with a perspective of looking forward to those new things. So I said yes a few days ago and went ice skating. I made new friends with all the little kids holding the sideboards, managed to stay on my feet the entire time and overall ended up having a lot of fun. So the way I figure is that I have 51 more weeks to enjoy this new year. I believe I’m going to go for it!

Happy 2015,
Pastor Shian


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